I learned something about what happened in Lithuania ten years ago and 55 years ago after WWII at: Email from the Baltics. Certain people involved in the oppression in Lithuania are now in Chechnya on the other side. Marcus Warren speculates on what they learned.


As to his higher nature, the farmer believed in God - that is he tried to do what God required of him, and thus was on the straight road to know him. He talked little about religion, and was no partisan. When he heard people advocating or opposing the claims of this or that party in church, he would turn away with a smile such as men yield to the talk of children. He had no time, he would say, to spend on such disputes: he had enough to do trying to practice what was beyond dispute.
-Geo. MacDonald "Salted with Fire"


Now this is cool. Using John Brockman's methodology of taking a bunch of interesting, leading edge thinkers, stick them into a room together and see what happens. About The Reality Club is website supported by Brockman which does just that.


An Edge interview with
Edge: GEORGE LAKOFF, somebody whose books I want to read. He is the author of Metaphors We Live By (with Mark Johnson), Women, Fire and Dangerous Things: What Categories Reveal About the Mind and others.
A great article at Computerworld about how eBay User Interface design is managed and rolled out.