I didn't know that Ray Ozzie had gone to work for Microsoft. Did they buy Groove? I've had my head in the sand. His latest blog entry about Really Simple Sharing takes me back to the halcyon days of X-Windows, Unix, SMTP, News and emerging, collaborative technologies. I hope he's having fun is M$-land.
I've had blogdex squirreled away on my IE Links bar for a long time now ... It's how I keep up with the blogosphere and the high-interest memes that are flying about. It's not the most reliable site in the world but it shows interesting stuff when it is up.


This is pretty rich coming from a leader who insists on maintaining the right to torture and holds people in detention centers where they have no rights. Does he not see what a hypocrit he comes off as? It's his administration which has ceded the moral high ground.
Sony feels the heat from the blogosphere here. Their arrogance in not understanding how their software trespassed surreptitiously on people's computer systems and even caused their customers' systems to be exposed to other virii is astonishing.


I should be blogging here more often as I read enough. I tend to write mostly on my live journal (<== see it? It's the top link over there on the left) though. I'll try to do better to post my observations about things here.

I find Malcontent, AmericaBlog, TowleRoad, AfterElton, Ex-Gay Watch, Queer Visions & Postive Liberty to be good, regular reads. I love BlogDex because it's a finger on the dynamic pulse of what's interesting in the moment throughout the blogosphere.