Another reason to vote for the opposition party next election. The current party doesn't want to face economic facts. SOMEBODY needs to before we run the bloody country into bankruptcy.


I wonder how soon we'll be able to buy tree-grown burgers at McDonalds. It would be the ultimate veggie burger.


And so, with all the flakey reasons given for going into Iraq, the *strongest* reason (related to our national self-interest) was the issue of weapons of mass destruction in the hands of a certifiable looney. Our vaunted intelligence resources must not be as good as we thought as, according to the Washington Post, Frustrated, U.S. Arms Team to Leave Iraq .


Norah Vincent of the LA Times explains why conservatives are being disengenous in defending Bennett's gambling as a victimless act. The reason? Because that's a libertarian conception. Conservatives don't rationalize the goodness or badness of an act based on who it harms; they evaluate based on criteria rooted in religious precepts. Otherwise why would conservatives be opposed to decriminalizing sodomy between consenting adults?
Some very interestingly developed arguments about how the GLBT community ought to be going about establishing civil rights in this book: "Love The Sin" reviewed by Michael Bronski in the Boston Phoenix.

Essentially, trying to establish civil rights via right to privacy and equal protection leaves us with the right to identity but not the right to public behavior. The authors' thesis is that a better approach is via right to practice religion since it's dual pronged strategy: right to *practice* who we are and broadening the scope of what constitutes "morally acceptable" as a theological basis for law. The fundies have too much influence. It's time for the rest of us Christians to have our say and be *listened* to.
What's so amazing about this review on Cornerstone in Orlando is that the author is a gay man who has been openly hostile towards religion.
This is a likely candidate technology for *finally* being able to have e-books, e-mags, e-newspapers because it's thin, lightweight, bendable and low on power usage: E Ink says it's close on e-book prototype.


Dear God in heaven. Patriot Raid