Jane Leeve's "Daphne Moon" on Frazier is one of my favorite characters and Jane is one of my favorite actresses. Her feigned northern England accent is a trip (she's originally from Sussex as is described in this article in The Telegraph. My very favorite phrase that she says:

"I don't know why ..."


Another commentator, Cathy Young, weighs in on the decriminalization of sodomy in this article in Reason. She takes conservatives to task for being hypocritical in that :

"Conservatives have long said that they want to get the government off our backs. If that's a principled stance, they should certainly want to get it out of our beds."


Anna Quindlen writes in Newsweek's "Last Word" about Getting Rid of the Sex Police. She presents a cogent argument as to why the state needs to get out of the bedroom based on privacy and equal protection provisions of the Constitution. Of course, some have written typically ignorant responses basing their tired arguments on religion. This kind of double standard annoys me: these people aren't openly advocating laws persecuting non-Christian practices of Bhuddists or Muslims ... why do they think that they can continue to enshrine in law their bigotry towards persons who experience same-gender attraction or who don't don't happen to align with their interpretation of scripture? I can understand proscribing murder; it is one of the ten commandments. But there is no proscription in the 10 commandments against same-gender physical intimacy. There IS a proscription for bearing false witness against one's neighbor. These guys need to stop lying about me and people like me.