Being more reflective

I've been away from my blog for quite some time caught up and carried away in Facebook where I live and breathe.  But there's so much that I post there that I'd rather have squirreled away here for easier searching and finding.

My intention is to post here first about things that I read and experience that are more than in-the-moment, flash-in-the-pan tidbits. I might cross-post them then to Facebook or I might not.

My journey is also chronicled on my livejournal account.  Oddly, Livejournal has gained massive popularity in Russia.  Channeling Jane Leaves as Daphne: "I don't know why...."

I just got back from the Gay Christian Network Conference in Chicago.  I have somethings to process from that and my recent exit from the Ex-Ex-Gay Facebook group.  I think that I'll be doing that here as part of my exercise in being more intentional about reflections.

Blessings on the journey.

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Betsy Henning said...

I'm glad you're back to blogging. I'll be a regular visitor!