Betsy Henning reflects on her conference experience

I met Betsy virtually after the conference though I do recall seeing her in passing.  With conference attendance reaching the 700 mark, it is really getting more difficult to spend quality time with old friends and continue to meet new (to me) folks.

REGENERATION: Processing...


Betsy Henning said...

What you don't know is that I stood in the wings (twice!)to introduce myself to you. Alas, you were deep in conversations and it would have been rude to interrupt. I feel like I know you... from Peggy's facebook postings.

Thank you for the repost of my blog. I am indeed honored.

Mark said...

My husband refers to me as "a man on a mission" always intent and focused on some thing in the moment. I look forward to getting virtually acquainted over time and, perhaps, in person in Portland.